Friday, June 24, 2011

A Family of Sounders Fans

Thursday evening we all geared up and headed to the stadium for a Sounders soccer match.
At Occidental park we met up with Cousin Scott and we gathered for the March to the match.

Pre-game activities included a chance to pose with the two US Open Cups the Sounders have won the last two years.
 Irene likes glitz.
Before the first kick, we enjoyed stadium hot dogs.  Where we sit in the All-Inclusive North End, food is included with the ticket price.  Free hot dogs taste pretty good.  Isaac also had two bags of pop corn.
 Jill and Jake were across the field in the Emerald City Supporters section.  They lead all of the chants and songs.
 The management opened up the whole stadium for this match and the result was 46,065 in attendance.
 And the game result was to our liking.  Victory.
As Irene said upon heading for the train, "What a night!"


  1. Oh my gracious! These are all such incredible photos! The first one really made me smile and I thought it was my favorite, but each succeeding one was just as wonderful! Oh... there's no doubt in my mind that you are all Sounders fans.

  2. Ditto to what Kay said. The pictures are all outstanding, but I think I like the one showing the two trophies and the kids. Wonderful! And glad they won!! It had to be all because of you guys, right? :-)

  3. What a cheerful family outing and outcome of the game!

  4. how fun, those hot dogs look delicious. I've been craving one or two since!

  5. What a beautiful woman your daughter is; she is so photogenic. And your grandkids are cute, too.

    I have not had a hot dog in years! They taste good, but they really are not good for me.

  6. Golly Linda, one would expect your team to win with all of the support that they have! :-) Dave

  7. You all are so spirited!!! What a nice legacy to leave your g-kids!


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