Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More Blogger Trouble

Now I can't download photos to my post.  Yesterday Blogger was working fine.  Now it's not.

I posted this problem on the Help page, only to find many others having the same problem.

Anyway, I had Part II ready to go, but now will have to wait and then start all over again. 

Grrrrr.  Technology is great, except when it doesn't work.


  1. You can post your photos, but you have to go to your settings and change your post editor from the new one to the old one. There are lots of us having this problem, but this does work.


  2. They have certainly been having their problems lately. I'm glad to hear of the workaround in case I have problems tomorrow.

  3. No worries! When Blogger decides to cooperate, we'll be here.

  4. We will just wait to see them. :) Blogger can be so frustrating when you can't get it to work.


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