Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Solstice Celebration

Irene and I made up songs and she danced around the fire to welcome summer and celebrate the longest day of the year. 
And what a lovely day it was.  We all enjoyed sitting outside long into the evening.  And we had another opportunity to eat s'mores !

Summer at last!


  1. Enjoy your summer solstice Linda. Its our winter solstice. Today was overcast and bleak! Enjoy your warmth! I liked this photo - Dave

  2. fun celebration of summer's coming. We had almost 100 degrees today. It's been a cool spring for us and most enjoyable.

  3. It got to 72 degrees here in Bellingham and felt almost HOT! I loved it, but I understand it is the last of the warm temps for a bit. Get us used to it a little at a time, and then it will be time for fal! Love the pictures.


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