Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cats and Kids

Son Jake arrived shortly after we returned from Clam Lights Friday evening, bringing his cat Jozy .  He showed her how to use the cat door into the garage, and except for when she was hiding behind the washer in the laundry room, we haven't seen much of her.  At the moment she is somewhere in the garage, hopefully to emerge  for food sometime this evening, now that things have settled down. So there are no photos of the cat.

Jill and the kids went home Friday evening, but we met up again about 9:00 Saturday morning to go to the Tyee High School Bazaar.  This was the school our kids went to but we haven't been back on campus for a long time.  Jill was more interested in being there again than in the bazaar items.  

We shopped and visited with some folks we knew and I bought a few things.

Here I have to sidetrack to tell you that Irene is way into peacocks. I mean way into them.  They are beautiful of course.  So when she saw a headband decorated with peacock feathers, she had to have it.  I think her mother told her to tell Grandma.  Of course I'm an easy touch, and I bought it, telling her she had to be good, no pouting, or I would wrap it up and keep it until her birthday.  It worked.  She wore it proudly.  You'll see it in one of the following photos.

After the bazaar, Jill took our van and went to Jake's to help him move.  We went to Burien for Winter Fest, hoping to get a free carriage ride.  Unfortunately they didn't start until 1:00, so we settled for a hay ride.
And we found a Lego kit for Isaac at a toy store, just to keep things even.

Back home we had lunch, finished decorating the Christmas tree, and then made the first of the Christmas cookies - cherry twinkles.
 The kids were staying overnight.  We had story time, I made spaghetti for dinner, and we watched a Christmas video before the kids went to bed.  Whew! Tired.  Me, not the kids.

This morning we placed the Winnie-the-Pooh characters around the tree and posed for a photo.
 We had breakfast, and then read the paper.  We've entered a new era, with he kids reading the Sunday funnies together.  Isaac helps with the big words.
 Then it was "craft time". Give these kids some boxes, paper, tape and crayons or markers and they're good for 90 minutes.  They made houses for their Webkinz friends.
There was more playing, lunch, and a walk to the school park where they played and I walked laps, after which we played croquet in the back yard in the one patch of sun available.

Jill picked them up about 4:00 this afternoon.  Now the house is quiet.  Maybe the cat will appear.

I just know I'm tired.


  1. Beautiful peacock headdress, and Irene does look great in it. Sometimes cats have to find their own way for a few days. I know I had one cat that stayed under the dresser for three days before finally emerging. She was really hungry by then...

  2. I miss my grandkids :(. That peacock headband is really beautiful!

    I LOVE that picture at the top of your page. The reflections in the water are really incredible.

  3. Rainbows and peacocks. Irene knows what she likes. The head piece is really quite lovely. I don't know if my Hannah would wear it, but she'd like it.

    You are blessed to have the grandchildren so close. So very blessed.

  4. I'm sure you're tired after so much activity, but what a fun weekend! I always enjoy your photos of your family and your delightful activities! Hope you get some rest and be ready for the next round of events!! Enjoy!


  5. busy but fun're a great grandmother. so...your angel on the tree looks just like the one I had when a child...memories

  6. That sounds like a great grandma kind of weekend. I agree, you are very blessed to have those kids so near...and so are they.

  7. Sigh... You're so lucky to have those gorgeous grandkids around all the time now. Your tree is really spectacular. You could put it on a card.


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