Sunday, December 11, 2011

Whatcha' Been Doin'?


Yesterday Jill and the kids and Tom and I met at Southcenter mall to see the Muppet Movie at 4:30.  Parking was jammed, but the theater wasn't very crowded.  It was fun remembering all those Muppet shows we used to watch as a family.  I love the song "Rainbow Connection"!  Then we had dinner at the food court and joined the shoppers, just window shopping.  We all had a good time.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I've been baking cookies.  Here are Corey's favorite, filbert crescents. 
 This morning I baked one of Tom's favorites, cranberry walnut swirls,
 and every body's favorite, chocolate covered cherry cookies.
 I have made two other kinds, and they are all packed safely away in the freezer.  Just one more batch to go.

I got the sewing for the kids' Christmas presents done.  There's a shirt and vest for Isaac,

And a jumper and shirt for Irene, with a matching outfit for Julie, her American Girl doll.  

 This afternoon I worked on a fancy doll dress.  It still needs some finishing, but it's mostly done.  I struggled a bit, since I was modifying a pattern.

This pattern set has been a good investment.  With the basic patterns I can modify to match most of what I make for Irene now.  Of course this is all secret stuff, so don't tell.  I'm sure if Jill finds this post, she won't tell.  I won't be linking this one to Facebook.

I wrote a Christmas letter right after Thanksgiving.  Friday I ordered photo cards at Costco, got the letter printed, reworked the mailing list and got the envelopes addressed.  Then I left the stuffing, stamping and sealing to Tom.  They are ready to go out tomorrow.

This week we will be hosting our St Lucia Day dinner on Tuesday the 13th, with five guests from our breakfast group.  We'll be shopping, cleaning house, cooking and table decorating for that.  Then on Thursday I'm hosting my retired school friends for a potluck lunch.  I'll be making soup and offering cookies.

Next Saturday we're going to the Nutcracker at the Pacific Northwest Ballet in the opera house in the afternoon, followed by dinner out.  I'll take my camera.

I'll try to keep up with blogging and commenting, but other things do take priority this time of the year.  Today I decided it was time to add some down time each day.  I've been going all out for long enough.  It's time to stop and smell the roses, or the cookies, or whatever.

What have you been up to?


  1. gearing up for another week of parties but only 2 so far...your cookies look delicious. I'm going to make some sugar free-splenda brownies that pillsbury now makes! Yes...what cute clothes for the grandkids and the doll!

  2. You've had a very productive weekend! Your holiday preparations sound wonderful and remind me of when my kids were growing up and all the sewing and cooking I did! Do take time to smell the roses and the cookies! And enjoy a lovely week!


  3. I've said it before and I'll say it again. You are amazing! I haven't baked a single cookie and haven't even bought all my gifts yet. We'll try to get ourselves in gear this week. I just haven't been able to get my energy going.

  4. Yes, hectic, but wonderful! Glad you had time to blog about it all.

  5. Those cookies! They look simply scrumptious. I think the crescents would be my favorite, too. And the outfits, Linda. You are simply amazing. Would you mind adopting me so I could join your wonderful family? Wait, I'll just enjoy you and your family vicariously, then I get the best of both worlds!

    Please don't worry about commenting on my blog, I know you are there when you have time. You add so much to my enjoyment of the season, you just don't know. :-)

  6. Personally, I have been spending my time trying to track down the vitamins you are taking because I want some of that kind of energy!
    Everything looks great.

  7. You sure are ambitious and well organized. I'm still trying to finish piecing a quilt so I can get my sewing out of the guest room before my family arrives. I think I spend too much time blogging.

  8. You have to be the coolest grandma Linda! Those outfits are so cute, especially the matching ones.

  9. Well you have been a busy little elf, haven't you!? And those cookies!!!!

  10. It's 10 p.m. and I am on the computer for the first time in two days. I am not baking or sewing. I have not even fully decorated the house.

    I spent most of last week at the hospital with my husband. I must go help finish moving my daughter later this week. That will take two full days. I am wondering how I will ever be ready for Christmas.

    I did get a package off to son in MA today. I must get the other packages off tomorrow. Thankfully, I already warned everyone that this year we will be having a much toned down Christmas.

  11. My, you are a go-er Linda. All of that baking, dress-making and movie going. How many hours are there in your day? Wow! - Well done! - Dave


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