Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Today is the day!  It's here - the first day of winter!

That might not sound so wonderful.  Winter is cold and long in the northern lands.  But it is also the turning point in the shortening of daylight hours.  Now the days will slowly begin to lengthen as we count down to spring.

My Scandinavian roots are calling to me.  I'm ready to dance around a bonfire!

Happy Solstice!


  1. Sounds lovely to me! Beautiful header for the holidays, Linda!


  2. Oh boy, do I remember looking forward to the winter solstice - not for the start of winter, but for the end of the short dark days. Even though it happens gradually, getting more light every day certainly feels more like spring than winter!

  3. Bring on the longer days of light!

  4. It's not much, but tomorrow will be 2 seconds longer than today. As we move into the season, that number will grow and grow. So glad I'll be able to see your garden grow, too! :-)

  5. yeah! I forgot it was solsitice till we were out shopping today and Caryn asked someone what day it was...

  6. I'm ready to do a happy dance too!

  7. I'm ready for the days to get longer too. When we go to the farmers market on Tuesday, I have to bring a flashlight to see the vegetables.

    The solstice is tomorrow right? On the 22nd?


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