Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day

Tom and I were up early to see Corey off and deliver him to the airport.  After showering and getting ready for the day, I walked out to the street to get the newspaper.  What a lovely morning!
 It was the calm before the storm.  Many suffered power outages later in the day.  We were fortunate, but it looks like we'll have some yard clean up to do later.
 When I got back, Jill and the kids were up and checking out the goodies Santa left.

 We opened stocking while waiting for Jake to arrive for breakfast.
There was even a little down time for camera wars.
 Sausages, eggs and Christmas bread were on the menu. 

 After breakfast it was time to get serious about opening packages.  Isaac loves his Galapagos tortoise puppet.
 And Irene is ga-ga over scarlet macaws.
Jake got a new kidney.  Unfortunately it won't replace the real one he'll have removed in about two weeks.

 Webkinz Barred Owl for Isaac.
 New clothes made by Grandma.

 Grandma got gifts too.
Sounders soccer gear was included, of course.  Isaac is now an official member of the Emerald city Supporters.
 But maybe the hit of the morning was the box of old books Jake gave the kids - his collection of Far Side, Calvin and Hobbs, and Garfield books collected over many years in his youth.

 A sounders gnome for my garden!
 Aftermath, with some order amid the chaos,...
... order soon to be reduced even farther by the construction of the game tables.

 We pulled out all of the leftovers from the frig and enjoyed another complete turkey dinner early in the evening.  And then the six of us had a rousing game of Pictionary while stuffing ourselves with cookies and candy.
Somewhere in all of that I managed to bake three pies for tomorrow's big family party in Chehalis.

The kids are now tucked away in bed and the house is quieting down.  It's time for me to have an evening cup of coffee, and a few of those cookies I was resisting earlier.

Tomorrow is another big day. the Christmas pageant continues.


  1. A wonderful and delightful Christmas for all of you! Thanks for sharing!


  2. OH wow! This was so much fun to experience vicariously with you, Linda. Thank you so much for sharing. The photos are amazing. What a terrific Christmas. The presents are awesome! Our Christmas was very, very quiet. Your grandkids are so lucky. What a perfect day for you all!

    And you baked THREE pies???

  3. You certainly managed to cram more than one day's worth into your Christmas day! Fantastic, and the pictures are really wonderful. Thank you for bringing the Christmas spirit into my own quiet house! :-)

  4. lot of fun and cleaned the mess up quite quickly...

  5. We lost our power for a couple of hours. I love windstorms.

    Your celebration looks just perfect!

  6. What a great celebration you all have had.
    Your tree and decorations are beautiful!

  7. I knew this would be the lovely Christmas for you and your family..I enjoyed visiting it with your photos...


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