Saturday, December 31, 2011

Out With the Old, In With the New

The sun is going down on 2011, not with a splash of color, but just a fading of the light.

Technically I guess that means the air is clean and there are few clouds on the horizon.  Those are good things.  There is a certain satisfaction ending the year with a dry, calm, sometimes sunny day.

Tom worked outside much of the day, getting all of the Christmas lights down and stowed in the attic.  Inside I took down all of the decorations except for the tree, stowed everything in tubs to go into the attic, and moved things back onto shelves that had been cleared for the Santa collection.  Then I did some cleaning up.

Because I couldn't let this lovely day go by without getting outside, I spent the last hour of daylight raking up debris from the last wind storm.  It felt good.

This evening Tom and I will stay in.  We're having crab for dinner, which we'll enjoy in a leisurely pace.  Later we'll watch Midnight In Paris, which is available On Demand on Comcast Cable.  We may make it until midnight, when we'll watch the TV version of the fireworks at the Space Needle.

Jill and the kids went downtown today to the Seattle Center Children's Museum, where they could keep track of the New Year as it moved around the world.  I just saw on Facebook that the kids talked Jill into going to the top of the Space Needle to view the end of the day.  I'm sure they will have to leave before the ticket holders for the big bash arrive.  I don't know if we'll see them or not.  They were making it up as they go along, just having fun.  Good for them.

And now it's about time to say goodbye to 2011.  It has been a good year for us, with good health, improved by my weight loss, several great domestic trips, and having my family all nearby at last.

I am looking forward to new adventures in 2012, and continuing my efforts to lose weight and stay healthy.  I'm hoping for a job here in Seattle soon for son-in-law Corey, a successful surgery and quick recovery for son Jake next week, and continued great conversations with my blogging family.



  1. Sounds like a great plan for the future! Way to go, Linda. Wishing you a very happy and healthy New Year!

  2. I'll be working on my weight loss along with you. I'm so glad you've got nice clean air. I'm wondering what our night will be like with all the firecrackers. There is a new fireworks law prohibiting the really horrible stuff and I think it's working. I haven't heard any experimental blasts all day.

    I'm hoping for the very best for Jake and wishing that Corey can find a job quickly so he can rejoin his family.

    Happy New Year, Linda and Tom! Mmmm... crab!

  3. Joining you in healthier, thinner habits. Have a happy new yea!

  4. I love to be a part of your world, Linda. It's an elegant and gentle one. I'm glad you have your precious grandkids nearby for this coming year and hope Jake finds a job too.

    The recent theft and break-in has caused me to lose another three pounds, and I am now thinner than I have been since my thirties. I'm not sure I want to lose any more, as the haggard face that looks back at me in the mirror doesn't need any more sagging! :-)

    Happy New Year, let 2012 be a prosperous one for the world! :-)

  5. Wishing a Happy and Healthy New Year to You and Your Family, Linda!

  6. Can't wait to see all that will be a part of your new year. God bless you and all of your family.

  7. Linda, I was just lamenting how I'd gained weight this holiday. I won't know how much until I go back to Weight Watcher's on Tuesday but it's time to get back on the wagon and let the old habits wash away with 2011...
    Have a lovely day!

  8. I wish for those same for you: a job for Corey, a successful surgery for Jake, and continued conversations via blogs. Happy New Year!

  9. Glad you had a good 2011 Linda. Look after your health and it will look after you huh? - Dave


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