Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nutcracker Saturday

 Jill and the kids and Tom's sister Jan met up at our house just before noon on Saturday for our big day in the city.  

Our first destination was Seattle Center.  It was a beautiful day so we walked across the grounds, enjoying views of the space Needle...

 ..and the International Fountain.
 We headed to the Center House for a snack at the Starbucks.
 Julie, Irene's American Girl doll got to share in all of the fun.
 While the others were eating, Isaac and I waited for his turn to drive the train.

 We had a hard time keeping the kids out of the fountain, so we promised to return on a warm day, dressed in play clothes.
 Then it was time to enter the Opera House and check out everything before the ballet performance began.
 Isaac no longer takes kindly to being photographed, so this took some talking into, but doesn't he look sharp!
 And then it was time for the Nutcracker to begin.
 Irene chose to sit between Aunt Jan and Grandma.  I loved watching her as much as watching the dancers.  Her favorite, of course, was the Peacock dancer.  At intermission, we had to wait in a long line to get that cupcake Irene had spotted upon entering, and she got the last one.  Issac had to settle for a Mouse King cookie.  I got nibbles of both.
The music and dancing and sets and costumes were all delightful.  Isaac left comparing it with the Denver production, and Irene left dancing.

As we crossed the sky bridge, the traffic blinked bright red and green.
Tom successfully navigated us through the traffic and over the bridge to the north shore of Lake Union, where we had dinner reservations at Ivar's Salmon House.  We were a little early, so we walked out on the dock to enjoy the view.
 Dinner was wonderful, with lots of fresh seafood.  Son Jake joined us for the family celebration.

After dinner we all went back to our house for a little early Christmas.  Aunt Jan will be heading to California for Christmas with her other brother and family.  So we exchanged gifts and enjoyed each other's company and ate cookies!
Today it's raining, but the feeling around here is still Merry and Bright.


  1. Your grandchildren are growing so fast...must be that Pacific Coast air!! What a fun packed day your family had topped off by your homemade cookies!!

  2. Looks like a great day! And Isaac and Irene are growing fast indeed! Glad you had such a beautiful day -- it sure isn't beautiful today!! Love all of your delightful photos!


  3. I have seen The Nutcracker a zillion times and enjoyed them all. Love the looks of your cookies...

  4. After a day and night like that I can easily see why things are merry and bright. I recognize those cookies you made. Yum! What a wonderful time you all had. Everybody looked so handsome and beautiful.

  5. what a fun outing and you got the kids to dress up. That used to be the norm but nowadays it seems anything goes. We went to see phantom of the opera with my son and his wife-they came in jeans while we were dressed up...your cookies look fabulous

  6. That had to be a great day, and I love the pictures, all of them. Irene is definitely growing up fast, though. And those cookies... YUM!

  7. What a fun time. I understand Isaac's reluctance to be photographed. My grandchildren, especially one grandson, are the same way. He is very handsome.

  8. I love how everyone is dressed up for the trip to the city. You have a very good looking family! It is a sad day for grandmothers when one of the grand children no longer wants to be photographed--I learned that recently, too.


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