Thursday, December 15, 2011

Slowing Down

I spent an hour and a half late this afternoon sitting in my recliner! I watched some Martha Stewart shows I had recorded.  I was going to post right then and there, but the kitty crawled up on my lap, replacing the lap top.  Gosh, I was unable to move now for fear of waking Jozy. Too bad.

It did feel wonderful to not have anything else on "the list" to do by then.

Yesterday Tom and I made the last batch of cookies.  We do still have the lefse making and Swedish Christmas bread to bake, but there are days scheduled for that next week.  And there is the family cookie making party with Jill, Corey and the kids next Wednesday.  That will be work, but fun too.

Yesterday afternoon we took some of the hazelnut torte with us and visited friends Harry and Jeanne.  Jeanne is a part of the breakfast group, and they used to attend our Lucia dinners, but their health no longer permits them the ability to join in, so we went to visit them.

This morning I made soup, corn chowder, and Tom helped to set up for today's luncheon with members of my old school staff.  We had seven guests and had a delightful time visiting and eating.  Our cookies made their first appearance.

With leftovers for dinner the last two nights cooking was easy.  I'll soon be back in my recliner for the evening.

Tomorrow we have our Friday morning breakfast, I'll pick up a few more groceries, and then take a walk, weather permitting, before picking up the kids for the afternoon and evening.  They'll join us for dinner while Jill attends her staff party. I've sorted through the gifts that have been purchased and stashed, and have set up the gift wrapping station.  We'll work on that a bit at a time.

I'm going to hop on over and see what some of you have been up to, and then my recliner will be calling me back.  

Slower is definitely better.


  1. Nice to see that the cat has cozied up on your lap. And that you sat down for a spell!! You are sure to be sharing a festive holiday with friends and family and...cookies!!

  2. I spent the day shopping with Caryn and was absolutely exhausted, my recliner called me for a long nap then a movie with hubby and dinner out-perfect day!

  3. It's so nice to keep in touch with old coworkers. I haven't kept in touch with mine. I plan to bake cookies this weekend.

  4. What? Did you actually take an hour off, Linda? I can hardly believe all you do. You have such a rich, exciting life full of love, family and friends. I always come to your blog for a smile.

  5. It's nice to read that you take it easy occasionally Linda, after all of the hard work you do - Dave :-)

  6. You do work really hard to keep your family well provided for. I always enjoy hearing that you get a rest now and then. Jozy is helping with that. So nice of you to visit those friends who can't get out any more.

  7. I've kept in touch with my co-workers too, all of whom have become real good friends. I think you deserve the time in your recliner :)

  8. You do more in one day than I do in a week..or maybe a month...


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