Thursday, December 29, 2011

I Gained Weight and I'm In Hot Water!

Yesterday morning I got up too early because I couldn't go back to sleep.  I spent time on my computer playing with iTunes and my iPod, removing the Christmas music and building some new play lists.

Then I was really ready for a hot shower.  Alas, there was no hot water!

The hot water tank was acting up recently, but now it had quit.  It was still under warranty, so we called for service and the truck arrived promptly a little after 9:00.  
The service man replaced the thermostat and fixed a small leak, and was on his way, no charge!  And I was back in hot water.  That's a good thing.

When I started on my weight loss plan almost a year ago, I had to approximate subtle weight  changes, because we still had an old analog scale.
I knew it wasn't entirely accurate because I always weighed more at the Dr. office.  

Well, I will be going back to counting calories again soon, and I decided to upgrade my scale.  Yesterday I bought this.

So of course this morning I was almost ten pounds heavier!

But I still have the same 45 pound weight loss.  I might just have to move my ultimate target a bit farther.  No problem.  I can do it, once I get rid of all of the holiday food and cookies and candy.  I am starting to ration what I have, and the last three days I've done ten miles on the stationary bide or walked 3.5 miles, depending on the weather.

Last week a young man came to our door with information on our Comcast/Xfinity billing, and said he could get us a better deal.  We listened.  The plan was to drop the account in Tom's name and open a new account in my name, thus getting a much better "new account" rate.  We would have to change our phone number.  We signed up.

Today the installer came.
Rodney was a sweet guy, and he convinced us to stay with our account but call in for a better deal.  That was what I was hoping for anyway, and now I had the ammunition of having gone through this process.  

I called Comcast, explained that we were ready to drop our account and open a new one, but we really thought they should just give us a better deal.  We could keep our phone number, and they could avoid all of the costly time for the change over.

It worked.  Starting today we will be saving about $70 a month.  While it's good for just one year, I guess I can call again next year and see what I can do then.

It makes no sense to me to reward new customers, but punish old and faithful customers.  Good grief!

Beside my Comcast negotiations and my 3.5 mile walk today, I'm making turkey soup and home baked bread sticks.  Jill and the kids will be here for dinner before Jill and Irene go downtown to see a stage production of Cinderella.  Isaac will spend the evening with us.

While I work in the kitchen I can now listen to my iPod music on my new docking clock radio, a Christmas gift from Jill and Corey.

It's time to go check my bread dough.  

I guess with that new scale I' better be careful of how many of those bread sticks I eat!


  1. If I made homemade bread sticks, I would weigh more! Bread (especially straight out of the oven) is my weakness!
    Glad your HWT wasn't kaput. Appliances do conspire at night when you are sleeping so they can all go out at once. :)

  2. I have a Weight Watcher scale similar to yours. It is not calibrated quite right because it doesn't match the scales at the WW meetings. I'm ok with that because at least I have a scale that tracks my progress or lack thereof. I also find that the doctor's office scale always weighs me about three pounds heavier than I am. I try to just gage how I'm doing by trusting my own scale.

    Comcast is an interesting company. My husband is always dealing with them to get us better rates. He has the same strategy you have. He convinces them to reward their reliable customers. He seems to get the rates lowered every year, or least he keeps them from going up by dealing with customer service.

  3. Can one of you come and talk to Comcast for me? I don't seem to know how to schmooze them to get the best rates. I have managed to keep my weight loss, but the only sugar I ate over the holidays was the chocolate!

  4. as long as I weigh below 200 lbs, I am happy! Lol.

  5. Sigh... I've gained 6 pounds, lost 2 than gained back 1. All this is not good, because on me, every gain does affect my blood count. The holidays have not been good for me. My will power is just not good enough to withstand all the great goodies people gave us. Tsk! Knowing you, you'll keep up with your weight plan.

    You sure know how to get a good deal. They were giving better deals for new customers at Hawaiiantel also. It was really annoying since we were locked into the old price.

  6. I guess I'll have to weigh in tomorrow in time to start my new year's resolution of eating less and exercising more...darn!

  7. My solution is not to weigh myself. My doctor does it from time to time. So far I'm not as bad as I have been, and I'm grateful that my clothes weigh eight pounds or so when I get on the doctor's scale.

  8. Sounds like your winding down the old year with a promising start for the new!! Wishing you and your family a very wonderful and Happy New Year, Linda! Enjoy!


  9. And so it goes, huh? I'm one of those lucky people that don't have to worry about gaining, but I do have to monitor my weight to make sure I don't lose. Wierd! Hope you can stay on top of things in 2012! Happy New Year! ~karen

  10. Hah, I know the feeling of getting back on the weight loss wagon as we just down lobster dipped in butter for our New Year's Eve. meal...I'm glad the candies and the sweets are gone and here's tothe last 15 lbs.
    Happy New Year!

  11. Linda, I suspect doctor's scales. My doctor's scales make me heavier than our new scales too. I suspect they may be deliberately heavier? - Dave


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