Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Field Trip

Today we took our annual Christmas Shop field trip. 

Each early December, several retired teacher friends, who are also members of the Friday morning breakfast club, join us for a tour of some outstanding nursery/gift shops that have wonderful Christmas displays and tempting treasures to buy.  All of them are north of Seattle, so they are not places we southenders get to often.

First stop is Swanson's in north Ballard.
 In addition to lovely plants and ornaments and gifts, there are koi
 and a camel,
 and reindeer.

Next stop, the over the top glitz and glitter of Wight's in Lynnwood.  This large gift and home decorator shop is filled with themed trees, and all of the ornaments that are used to decorate them.

 Tom checks out the felt-filled tree,

After a lunch stop, this year at a Red robin, we made our final stop at Molbak's in Woodinville.

Molbak's is a very large nursery, also with a large home decorator and gift shop.  They also have lovely displays, but the highlight here is the poinsettias.

We all love this field trip.  If the Christmas spirit was lagging a bit, there is no resisting the tug on your spirit that this day provides.  And sharing it with good friends makes it even better.


  1. Oh my gosh, Linda! What a gorgeous place! Can you imagine how much time it took to put it all together? Your photos are fabulous!

  2. a poinsettia tree how beautiful, gorgeous decorations.

  3. For me, Ballard and environs are definitely south! But Bellingham is 90 miles north of Seattle. We have Vancouver BC weather more often than Seattle's.

    Your pictures surely put me in the holiday mood! Beautiful!

  4. Your pictures do put me in the holiday mood. I have not put up my tree or bought any poinsettias yet because of Rylan's toys and bedding. Once he goes on xmas break, then I'll be able to put up the tree. 'sigh'

  5. What a wonderful idea! Would that I lived closer -- would love to be included in next year's field trip!

  6. Spectacular pictures. How festive.

  7. The Christmas decor at all the shops was a treat to the eyes. What fun. I want to go on a Christmas field trip.


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