Monday, December 5, 2011

Meet Jozy

 Jozy is our adopted cat, recently come to us from son Jake, who is in the process of moving and couldn't take her to his new place. There are other kitties there, and Jozy is needs a one-cat-house.

She arrived Friday night and hid out most of the weekend with all of our comings and goings with the grandkids.

Now that things have settled down, she has been making appearances.

She found her scratching post with the aid of some rubbed in catnip.
 She has a cat door into the garage, where she spends most of her time hiding out.  I made a bed in a box for her out there, tucked away on a low shelf.

I've decided she is a nocturnal animal, sleeping most of the day, and previously prowling around outside at night.  Here she doesn't have access to outside yet, so I think she's a little bored, except when she's running away and hiding in fear at some new and as yet unidentified noise.

She does love head scratches though, and she's already blessed us both with lap sitting.

I have no idea what she's doing at night, but we have her confined to the laundry room and garage just in case she gets rambunctious. She is one big, strong alpha female.  But then she is named after Jozy Altidore, a US soccer player currently playing in Europe and on the Men's US National team.  

I think we're bonding.


  1. She sure is a very elegant cat with the roundest eyes I ever seen. She does have a strong look.

  2. She's definitely becoming a part of your home, I see that. And she's a pretty girl with a cute white spot on her face!

  3. What a sweet cat. I never had a pet as a child. I adopted cat a few years ago - a brother and sister. No one wanted them - Simon was black with a crooked tail and Abby was a very ugly tortoise shell. They have given us so much amusement and joy.

  4. That is a nice looking cat...lucky to have found a nice home and welcoming laps to sit upon.

  5. She is a beautiful cat..My cats sleep all night now that they are older....

  6. it sounds like she's found a new loving!

  7. Stick with her Linda. She will soon adjust when she realises you are her new family - Dave


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