Thursday, December 8, 2011

An Evening of Holiday Fun

 Tom and I have been enjoying Garden d'Lights at Bellevue Botanical garden for years.  This time we got to take Jill and the kids.

The kids got their maps and the list of creatures to look for, and off we went.
The vegetable patch.

 The aquarium inside the visitors center.

 A 'toad stool'.
 The flower border.  Yes, Irene loved the peacock.

 The pond.

 Lilacs in winter.
 A macaw in the "tropical forest"
 A photo op.


 Petting the squirrel
 Yep, we found them all.
 Then we drove over to Bellevue Square, where we warmed up at Starbucks and had dessert for dinner.  We had a healthier snack before we left. I promise. 

At 7:00 every evening, Snowflake Lane comes alive with Drummers Drumming.

 And then it snows!
 The music plays and costumed characters dance with the crowd in a bizarre sidewalk party.

 It was great fun!  And as we headed back to the car, the almost full moon winked at us.


  1. This is just awesome, Linda! It makes me want to get my granddaughter in Illinois and head out to Seattle. What an amazing place. You really got terrific photos!

  2. I enjoyed this and your previous blog Linda. Your night photography is brilliant. What are the characteristics of your camera? - Dave

  3. These beautiful pictures cheered me up! Mahalo, Linda!

  4. They are so, so beautiful! I especially love the pond scenes, and the flowers. And of course Irene loved the peacock. I could have predicted that... :-)

  5. These are all amazing, but I think my favorite is the flower border -- right down to the delphiniums!

    Isn't this great that you now get to share things on a really regular basis with your grands?

  6. Spectacular. I have never seen anything quite like that before.

  7. fun post, can't believe all the colorful displays of christmas lights...

  8. I'm so glad you have the grandkids there to enjoy the pre-Christmas festivities this year. Such fun.

  9. tell Irene I love the peacock too!!
    beautiful displays

    I love the shot of you and your sweeties on the bench


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