Monday, December 26, 2011

Norquist Family Gathering

 At 1:00 this afternoon we gathered at my brother Hank's home in Chehalis, about an hour and a half drive south of Seattle.  Hank, my two sisters Ilene and Laurie, our spouses and many of our children and grandchildren filled the house with talking and laughing and playing and eating.  
Hank and Cindy provided the roast beast.  Laurie made the scalloped potatoes.  Others added salads and other accompaniments to this family potluck

Auxiliary dining was provided in the garage, a good place for the kids to carry on.

The boys' table with those who were sitting at the moment.  It's ever changing.

 And the young ladies, or a few of them.
 Generations mingle and visit, here Tom, Jake and his cousin Andy.
 My sisters Laurie, Ilene and Laurie's DIL Ericka.
 After the main course, the desserts appeared.  They kept coming and coming!

 Where to start?  Hank, Laurie, and Jody confer on who made the cookies Grandma always used to make.
The organizing of the gift exchange was a bit like herding cats.  Fortunately Hank is a teacher, and so are others of us, so we do know how to get attention.

Everybody got a number?
I got to open six different gifts, as mine kept getting stolen.  Kids had their own stack of gifts.  We usually managed to keep it moving with some semblance of order.

Isaac hung with his Uncle Jake.  Do you think they are related?

Despite the glazed over look on these two faces, a good time was had by all.

But it is nice to be back in my quiet house this evening.  Now that Tom and I are finally alone, the cat has come out from hiding.  Tomorrow we'll start restoring the house.


  1. It looks like you had a mighty festive season Linda. Happy New Year - Dave

  2. Wow! WHAT a party! I LOVE family pot lucks! You've given me the incentive to get started on ours. I'm just amazed at all that gorgeous food! There were as many desserts as there were main and side courses. I'd have gain 10 pounds right off the bat. The present exchange sounds like glorious fun! Well... unless something you like is taken away that is!

  3. Sounds like our grab bag game. What fun! I love those cookies. I want some.

  4. We did something like that gift exchange idea once long ago at a family gathering. I kept having my favorite presents snagged! It was great fun. And yes, Jake and Isaac are truly related, your pictures of them made me smile. Thanks for bringing me into the festivities.

  5. the last party? No, there's still New Year's Eve!


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