Sunday, March 7, 2010

Academy Awards

Last year, with five nominated movies, we made a special effort to see all of them before the awards. It was fun to find places where they were still showing and then do our own critique. But this year, with ten movies nominated, we just didn't even try. We haven't watched very many movies this year, and while there are a few we would eventually like to see, most don't really appeal. We did watch The Hurt Locker last night, because it was available on Comcast On Demand. It was good, but war is hell, and it was hard to watch. We saw Up In The Air at Christmas time, and enjoyed it, but it's hardly a Best Picture. We haven't seen Avitar, and aren't ready to run right out and see it. I would like to see The Blind Side and Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart. But yes, I will be watching this evening. In fact, as I post this, the Red Carpet pre-show is already on. Gotta' check out those gowns and hairdos. It'll be fun, low key entertainment, and hardly something I have to be glued to the TV set for. Are you watching? Do you have favorites? Which nominated movies or actor roles have you seen?


  1. I'm watching, too. I never go to the movies anymore and haven't seen any of the nominees, but I plan to rent The Blind Side. It's the only one that really appeals to me.

  2. we watched it, I only plan to see Blind Side. Don't like war movies or sci fic...

  3. I didn't watch, we had our son over for dinner. I was surprised that he didn't sugest turning it on but he was content to eat and visit. We rarely go to movies or even watch the two netflix a month we pay for.
    We are off tomorrow to do one of our favorite things, camp. The distance we care to drive gets shorter every year but at least California has some nice places close by.

  4. David is the movie buff, renting 3 movies a week from Netflix and attending a movie at the theater every now and then.

    I can't wait to see Blindside.

  5. I love the Oscars and enjoy the hoopla
    I'm thrilled for Jeff Bridges
    and Mo'nique
    and that a woman finally won best director

  6. Hi Linda! I came over from "A Slower Pace" and think I'll stay a while. I live in Bellingham, so we are neighbors. I moved here two years ago from Boulder, Colorado, and I love the pictures you have on your sidebar of my "new" home state. Love your garden, too!

    I watched the awards, and I saw most of the movies. It was pretty political in many ways. I really didn't understand why "Invictus" wasn't on the list when "Dictrict 9" was, a real icky movie! And why Hurt Locker won instead of Avatar... very disappointing. But I loved the fashion show!

  7. Haven't seen any of the movies that were nominated. We are Netflix "people" and haven't been to the movies in years. However I think we will see Avatar soon in the theater. I enjoy watching to see what "get-ups" the stars are wearing on the red carpet.

  8. I really felt Avatar should have gotten it... but oh well. They never give oscars for science fiction.


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