Friday, March 12, 2010

Ups And Downs

My mother called me yesterday, about 5:30 in the evening, to see if I was all right. I immediately thought, "Oh no", because I realized it was Thursday and I hadn't called her on Wednesday. A while back Mom had an infection in her foot, due to her inability to see very well or feel very much. My sister the nurse got her fixed up and we all agreed to check in on her more often. None of us live close by, so we each picked a day to call. I chose Wednesday, and faithfully every Wednesday I have been calling about 4:30. That is until this week. I forgot. That's the problem with having an assigned time, of course, and I had been writing it on my weekly planning calender, but I didn't do that this week. I made my mother worry about me. That's not good. But as I told her when she called, "I don't even know what day it is," which is sort of how it's been. I have been completely absorbed in my projects here at home, being so busy, busy, busy that I hardly knew up from down. And just to prove it, I have to show you my last project. It has been a while since I did any machine embroidery, so each time is a relearning process. There is so much to remember, getting the machine set up, selecting the colored threads and racking them, putting the proper stabilizer on the garment to be embroidered, and then getting the sweatshirt, in this case, hooped with the design area centered and straight, and finally on to the machine. I got through all of that and began the embroidery. As the first color was finishing, I wave of dread spread over me. I had forgotten to check the orientation of the design, to check up and down direction. Sure enough, it was upside down! Well, too late now. This stuff can't be ripped out without chewing up the fabric. So I just proceeded, knowing the project was ruined. When it was done, I took a photo of it and emailed it to Isaac, who was the intended recipient, showing him what his silly grandmother had done, telling him I would do it over on another shirt, but I was sending this one anyway. He could use it as a play shirt. But if he did wear it to school, he could explain that it was Boeing's new plane and they were testing it by doing a roll over. Well, then Jill emailed me back with her bright idea. I should just add a second plane right side up and we would call it "Air Show Stunt: Boeing Showing Off". And so I did. We are finally experiencing some winter weather here in the Pacific Northwest, which means temps in the 40's, blustery, and wet. It can be bone chilling because of the high humidity. We've all been spoiled by the balmy weather we had in January and February. Yesterday, after I finished the first stage of my up-side-down embroidery and was disgruntled, and Tom was thwarted in his desire to be outside gardening, we decided to go see Avatar at the afternoon showing. SouthCenter Mall is just down the hill from us, where the movie is still showing in 3D. We did a little shopping, had lunch and then watched the show. And what a show it was! It was amazing in it's technology and imagination. There was great beauty. But there was also tremendous violence, and crashing and bashing and gnashing of teeth. Between the monsters and the monstrous humans, there was always something or someone in danger. By the end of two hours I was checking my watch to see how much longer I had to endure. I was ready for it to be over. Finally after two and a half hours preceded by a half hour of previews of equally violent shows, we staggered out of the theater, just wanting to move about freely, safely, and quietly. And then I had just settled in back home when my mother called.


  1. Haha!!! This is such a funny post, Linda! You are a natural comedienne! You should take your show on the road!

    Well, I think your daughter had a splendid idea, and it makes the sweater unique -- truly one of a kind!

    David loved Avatar and plans to see it again. Thank God, I didn't, as I suffer from motion sickness.

  2. Say, I see you are putzing around with the new templates, right? It looks wonderful. I used this one long ago and I just couldn't get it right, but you have done it!

    I saw Avatar twice. I was so stressed out by all the violence I couldn't really appreciate the story line, so when I saw it the second time, I REALLY loved it. But I sure understand what you are saying... it's like violence must really sell, and most of it was gratuitous rather than necessary to the story line.

  3. Sheesh, I have two blogs I follow, both Lindas, and both Washingtonians. I think I've confused you with another Linda, because she popped up just now. I am now not sure WHAT your blog looked like last week.

  4. Linda, that was a clever way to solve the shirt dilemma.

    I can identify with that sick feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you receive a call from your mom. I forgot my mom's birthday not once but two years in a row. Not good.

    Linda, I think it's time for spring to come and get you out of the house. You need some fresh air to blow the cobwebs out. I hope you'll soon be able to get back out in your yard.

  5. I also saw Avatar and to be honest I wasn't so keen on seeing it and I didn't think it was much of a movie, but then I admit I have somewhat esoteric tastes. . (Usually foreign but not always foreign). We have some good films here which qualify. ;)
    Avatar is just another special effects film with a new age message stuck in to find a wider audience in my estimation.

    Linda. I'm sorry to hear about your moms situation.
    I wish her a speedy recovery. I know she's in good hands with your family. (And it's nice how you saved the shirt. ,-)

    I haven't blogged much due to a situation with a new neighbor who cut trees here and if that isn't bad enough is now trying to take some if this property. I am amazed at the attitude of entitlement of some people.

    It's all I can do to keep from exposing them publicly hoping to shock them into reality. I am amazed and dismayed at such agression. Yes, we are having to go to court.

    Well that's my venting for this situation. It's certainly tried my peaceful disposition.

  6. well you confirmed my feelings about not seeing! I hate violence and also previews. We do all our movie watching at home on dvds rented from netflix. I love your project and think it's perfect and so creative. I admire your sewing talent.

  7. I am picturing you staggering out of the theater on sensory overload :)

    the sweater looks great

    remember to call Mom on Wednesday :)

  8. Ah...I can relate to the "forgotten moment". Been there, done that! I did have to chuckle over the fact that your mom had to call you to check in when it was to be the other way around! I loved the sweatshirt idea, it seemed to work out well with everyone's help! And thanks to your Avatar review, I know that I am just fine with my Netflix!

  9. BTW. The cherry blossom header is exquisite!!

  10. Jill had a perfect solution, it looks great and as if you meant to do it that way all along.
    As for fogetting to call your mom, that is the problem with being retired, one day is just like another. People say "have a good weekend" and we wonder, what's a weekend?

  11. I too thought the aeroplane solution was a great idea. Good that your Mum called to see how you were. Communication is a two-way thing Linda. Sorry you found Avatar too much. I enjoyed it but never saw the 3D version. - Dave

  12. I too thought the aeroplane solution was a great idea. Good that your Mum called to see how you were. Communication is a two-way thing Linda. Sorry you found Avatar too much. I enjoyed it but never saw the 3D version. - Dave

  13. i haven't seen avatar as i only watch movies on dvd..mothers..i understand that all to well..


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