Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jill!

Today is our daughter Jill's 37th birthday!
Now that just sounds far too old. But then when I think about it, she has accomplished a lot in her 37 years. She graduated with academic honors and athletic letters and as an accomplished flute player from high school. She earned her BA from Central Washington University in three years, and had her Masters Degree a few years later.
Then she uprooted herself and moved to Colorado, taking her chances in finding a new life. She did. She became a first grade teacher in Fort Morgan, and met her future husband, Corey, an officer in the Morgan County Sheriff's Department. They got married here in Washington State, on the flanks of Mt Rainier, and then returned to Colorado where they bought a house and started a family.
Jill is a master teacher, now working as a reading specialist, a wife and homemaker, and mother to our two beautiful grandchildren, Isaac and Irene.
When her Grandmother Reeder was still alive, she and Jill always shared birthdays. Bernice Reeder was born on March 3, 1910. Yesterday she would have been 100 years old. I would make a cake for the two of them, and it often worked out that the candles would work for both of them. For example, when Jill was 9, Bernice was 72, 7+2=9, when Jill was 12 Grandma was 75, 7+5=12. Yesterday Jill figured out that now she would be 37, and 3+7=10, on her grandmother's 100th birthday, so, she said, it sort of still works!
Oh, and you might like to know that I got Isaac's vest done finally, and made a matching tie, too!
I'm just a person who sews, not a seamstress or a tailor, so this is not an easy kind of thing for me to do. But Isaac asked me for it, so it is a labor of love for him and his mother.


  1. Linda, this is a wonderful story about your Jill and you have every right to be proud of her.

    I think you are indeed a very fine seamstress. You finish your work very nicely, just like a pro. Pressing is the secret to sewing and you do it very well. This vest is just as cute as it can be and with a matching tie. I don't know how you could do any better.

  2. I think you did an outstanding job on that vest and tie. Your grandson will love it....but probably his mommy will love it more. Happy birthday to your Jill. A neat story about her birthday being the same day as her grandmother.

  3. Yes, I echo the above sentiments! That is such a beautiful family. Was the photo taken by a pro or an amateur? It's outstanding.

    I am glad my mother gets to see her 2 great grandchildren on Sunday. She is 94 and the only surviving parent between David and me.

  4. gigi - They usually have a professional photo done for Christmas, but for this one, corey set up sheets on the front porch, set up the camera timer, and then touched up the result with photoshop.

  5. what a lovely vest tie and family portrait. lots of joy comes when you see your kids happy and productive in their lives...

  6. That's a lovely tribute to your daughter. It's easy to tell that you are very proud.
    I think I would just get frustrated trying to make that vest.

  7. Linda, you are amazing! You are definitely a seamstress. That vest and tie are fabulous and beautifully made. He's going to love it. Your daughter and her family are absolutely gorgeous! I would be prouder than proud! Happy Birthday to Jill.

  8. Wow, the vest and tie is perfection! Happy Birthday Jill and Have a great weekend Linda.

  9. I'm thinking the apple didn't fall far from the tree[s]. Congrats on the sewing, and, of course, your birthday girl!

  10. What a sweet tribute to your daughter! I love your daughter's theory on the birthday candles! The vest is very handsome and I bet there will be a very proud young man wearing it soon.


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