Wednesday, March 10, 2010


It has been a while since I finished the rainbow dress, but as well as everything else that has come along to keep us busy, I have been working on the accessories. With no pattern to follow for this stuff, I've been making it up as I go along, and learning to do new things with my serger too. I purchased a hat and a sweater and then decorated them to match the dress.
Irene will be well dressed for Easter Sunday, and then for going to tea at the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver for her birthday.
Son Jake is not interested in Sunday dress up or going to tea, but he does love the accessories that go with being a Seattle Sounders soccer fan. Yesterday we spent much of the day creating more tifo. With the season opener just two weeks away we have to be ready. We finished two flags yesterday and I have four more to do the finishing on. These will be going to other members of the supporter group.
And now I think I need to get outside for a walk and some fresh air.
I'm closing up shop for today.


  1. That hat for Irene is amazing. I suspect we have your new surger for that. Really cute. The sweater trim pulls the outfit together. I assume you will be going out for her birthday.

    Can't pass an opinion on that stuff you're making with Jake. I'm not a sports fan.

    It certainly looks like family projects are keeping you busy.

  2. Irene will be thrilled with her new outfit. That flower on her hat is stunning. How were you able to bend the brim like that? Did you stitch it to the top of the hat or did it come like that?

  3. So very beautiful! She is a very lucky granddaughter.

  4. gigi, the hat was stitched up that way, but with a different flower, which I removed and replaced.

  5. what a grandma, that is just too cute especially love the sweater and hat to match! I was my paternal grandmother's first grand child and she made by hand all my little clothes-dresses, slips, etc with embroidery. I still have them.

  6. I am so impressed with the pretty sweater and the gorgeous hat! How beautiful Irene will be in her Easter bonnet and sweater. I hope someday I have grandchildren to dote on! As for the flags, wow, what an undertaking but fun I'm sure. The team cannot help but have good luck with those flags waving!

  7. Really great outfit. That hat is truly awesome; you are very talented, Linda.

  8. oh my gosh..that is toooo cute..what a talent you have linda

  9. You are totally amazing, Linda!


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