Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rain Doesn't Stop Seattle

We had rain over night and in the early morning, and then it let up - until it was time for the March to the Match. I put my poncho on and waved my flag.
Drew Carey, one of the owners of the Seattle Sounders FC, spoke to the crowd gathered in Pioneer Square.
Hey, I see some of my flags!
Jake says "Let's go".
Well, it got wetter and wetter, the rain fell harder and harder. At half time we sought shelter for a few minutes, then back out in the rain we went to watch our guys.
Most of the crowd of 36,000 stayed for most of the match. It was tough to give our "Full 90", but we did, and the payoff was a 2-0 win!
And then we descended out into the night, following the throngs to parking lots, buses, and for us, the train. Our feet got wet and cold, but otherwise we were none the worse for wear.
Tomorrow morning we are leaving for four days on the Oregon coast and Willamette Valley. I may be able to post in a couple of days, or maybe not.
Be good, you all. See you later.


  1. With enough encouragement from a son or a husband, I guess I would have stayed, also. Usually, I shun the rain!

  2. Gigi, that's why you don't live in the Pacific Northwest. You gotta keep going in the rain or you won't do much of anything. Great pictures and story, Linda. And have a wonderful trip, take lots of pictures to share with us!

  3. you are having fun even in the rain. enjoy your vacation.

  4. That looks like lots of fun! Love the colors of the flags.

  5. Are you loyal fans to support your son in something he enjoys, or do you like the team that much?

    For my son I would probably brave the rain, for the team, never.

  6. Thanks for taking us with you to the game! I enjoyed it too. Excellent photo and word log as usual Linda! - Dave

  7. Better rain than we had. But a nice sunny day would have been better....Michelle

  8. Oh what fun, rain or not! Now that is dedication! How nice that your family enjoys this event and waved your flags so proudly!


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