Friday, January 27, 2012


What with their busy lives, and the weather, it has been a while since we spent time with the grand kids.

Then last night we were invited to go with them to Math Night at their school.  Tom and Isaac did third and fourth grade math.  Irene and I did first and second grade math.  Then we stopped at Dairy Queen for dessert.  It was a fun evening.

Today I picked the kids up for early dismissal and we had craft time. Irene thought she had bad luck when she got a wooden car kit to assemble at the family Christmas party, but I convinced her that it would be a great craft project when she came to visit.  And she could paint it!  That convinced her.  Today was the day.

Grandpa was her helper and he informed her that first she would have to read the directions. That met with a bit of resistance, and she flung the paper down, declaring that "I can't read Japanese!"  Grandpa got her restarted and off they went.

(BTW, Jill always sits on the kitchen counter.  Like mother, like daughter.)

 A magazine had arrived for Isaac, so he read it and had a snack, and I had my chocolate and coffee time.  Grandma always works better when she's had her chocolate.  Isaac also helped me work the puzzles in the newspaper.

 While Isaac and I were occupied, Irene and Grandpa went to the garage to pound some nails.  Cool.  A car!
 Isaac and I were going to do a sewing project.  Isaac picked out his fabric and we cut out two squares and filler to make a pot holder.
 Then Isaac used the sewing machine to quilt it together.
 He learned how to select some fancy stitches, and worked on his own with nearby supervision.
 Irene had to wait for paint to dry so she appeared and I set her up with some hand stitching.  All went well until she poked her thumb. There were tears, but I couldn't find any blood.
 Irene liked my "tool box" and enjoyed trying things out.

 Isaac finished stitching his pot holder, and I got the serger set up to finish the edges.  He decided he wasn't quite ready to run that, so he ran the foot pedal while I guided the fabric.  We agreed that serger is one cool machine!

Downstairs, it was time for more auto paint.  It's not surprising that Irene had created a rainbow car.

Jill picked the kids up after work, and now the house is quiet again.  
Josy has come back out from under the bed.


  1. Issac has grown so much. I don't see as much change in the princess. I'd say you all had some quality time together.

  2. how cool that Isaac sewed and Irene made a car...looks like fun time with the grandparents!

  3. Oh how fun. I love that Irene was building a car while Isaac was working on the sewing machine. I think that such skills and experiences should not be gender specific.

    I've said it before. I'm a bit jealous. I so wish my grandchildren lived closer.

  4. Even though they are closer now, there are still gaps in visiting, due to weather and schedules. What a great time you had when you finally DID get together! Josy looks like she has always been part of the family... :-)

  5. Great to see you having so much fun with your grandchildren Linda. And I think Josy's expressive face and your comment was lovely.

  6. You are blessed to be able to participate in their lives. I'm flying to Texas tomorrow to see my two granddaughters for a few days. I can't wait.

  7. I am living vicariously through you. What a fun time you're having with those beautiful grandkids. Terrific photos, Linda.

  8. Love your craft room and how you spend creative time with the grandchildren.

  9. I found it amusing that the male grandkid sewed while the female grandkid worked on a car! Lol. So funny. Looks like everyone had a great time!

  10. That looks like so much fun. You are blessed to have them so nearby AND they are certainly blessed as well.

  11. I don't see my two youngest Grand boys much anymore. They used to spend all the school holidays and most of summer at my house and we had so much fun. They are older now and so so busy and me too. They are old enough to stay home alone now and they Dad's shop is close to where they live so...... Spring break is coming up--maybe then.

  12. Nice that Issac was sewing and Irene was working on the car


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