Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter Bouquets

With the sun shining this morning, It was a good time to refresh my winter bouquets.

 Flowers for picking are scarce this time of the year, but there is interesting texture and color in the shrubbery.

                      Winter Jasmine for color.
                                                        Sarcococca for fragrance
                                            Skimmia for berries and flowers
                                                Euonymus for color
 Tom is out picking too, but his "bouquet" will be headed for the yard waste bin.  It's time for winter pruning.

 We've had a green winter so far, but there is a possibility of snow on the weekend.  We'll see.  It it does come, you can be sure I'll be out again with my camera.
Tom got the driveway cleaned up last week.  I like the tidy look of winter.
Shrubs in the front yard keep it interesting in winter, and give the birds lots of cover.
I took Josy out for a bit, but she hurried right back inside when I let her loose.  She is preferring to enjoy the sunny day from her inside perch.

 I must confess, I do have a few spots of color from purchased flowers too.  But the filler greens are from the garden.


  1. Your winter bouquets are beautiful Linda. I've enjoyed all these photos. Josy looks very comfortable on her inside perch. Hope you don't get that snow this weekend.

  2. What, no poinsettia? I still have mine that we got from a club party on Dec. 11.

  3. Your gardens are works of art.

  4. I wouldn't be able to find a thing here...beautiful...

  5. I never think about winter arrangements. Sure do like yours, though.

  6. Your gardens produce beauty all year long.

  7. Your winter bouquets are very elegant and artistic, Linda! It's really amazing how green everything is.

  8. I never thought of using shrubs for an arrangement-just lovely...winter pruning-that phrase gives me food for thought...

  9. So nice to be able to pick a nice fragrant bouquet in the middle of January! Very pretty, and your yard is still gorgeous!

  10. Everything looks so fresh, green and lush, Linda. Beautiful!

  11. The winter bouquets are lovely, and you've given me a few ideas...

    It's bitter cold here and windy. Our cat, Azrielle, hasn't left the fireside all day.

    I, too, love the look of a pruned winter garden.


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