Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Very Booby-utiful Birthday

It's probably because Isaac's Aunt Jan has a stuffed toy Blue-Footed Booby that he fell in love with this goofy bird from the Galapagos Islands early on in his young life.  So after birthdays with themes of trains and space shuttles and Lego's and cars and all other 'boy' things, this year he chose his funny, feathered friend, the blue-footed one as his birthday theme.

Now you can't just go to a party store and get stuff with a theme like that.  So Jill and I went on line, where just about anything is possible.

I decorated with blue, and with cut outs of photos I found and printed out.

Irene declared my "art" well done.
And of course the party store as helpful too.  Isaac was quite impressed with the balloons with his name on them.
After everyone arrived at our house, we were off to the Museum of Flight, Issac's choice as the special place to go.  The membership Tom and I got for Christmas from Jake came in handy, as we got ourselves,  the kids, Jill and Corey and Jan and Ann all in free.
Irene loves control panels.
 Isaac has always been very interested in space travel, but he likes everything about flight.
 Ah, another control panel for Irene to photograph!
 They checked out Air Force One, Retired, where there were more control panels!

Meanwhile, about 2:00, we got the call from Jake.  He was ready to come home from the hospital.  Jill had her car and was ready to go fetch him.  When we all got back to the house, Jake was there, and so was Jill's latest masterpiece.  With Corey's help she had created a Blue-footed booby cake!

 And I was ready with the blue footies for everyone.  It was a blue-footed party!

 Jake was settled in my recliner with his lap top.
 I was stationed in the kitchen.  Macaroni and cheese, broccoli, and fruit compote were on the menu, requested by the birthday boy.
 I made a lot of macaroni!  Everyone enjoyed it, and even Jake joined us at the table.

 Isaac posed with his cake, and Aunt Jan's booby.
 And then when it was finally time to open his gifts, 
 he got his own!
 There was quite a pile of gifts,
 including these wonderful slippers from Grandma Andrea.
 The eyelids pop open when you walk in them!  More foot fun!
 More Blue-footed fun.
 And a cool helicopter for the boy who loves flying things.
 Time for cake!
We sang "Happy Birthday", Isaac blue (blew) out his candles, and then we ate cake!  And ice cream.
Isaac declared it the best birthday so far.  I guess that's saying something because he has had some very special birthdays.  Maybe it's the fact that every card had at least nine dollars in it this year!


  1. wow, you guys out-did yourselves. Incredible! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ISAAC. ALOHA FROM HAWAII!!!

  2. Happy 9th birthday Isaac. it looked like a fun day too - Dave

  3. What a great birthday party and outing. He's very mature looking for 9, and Irene is getting to be very chic and fashionable. Love the booby booties!

  4. How happy does he look? I'd say Isaac and Irene hit the lottery of life when they got you for a grandmother.

  5. First of all I'd never heard of such a thing as a blue footed booby! Jill outdid herself on the cake. Your table and house decorations were wonderful. I've never seen a family that celebrates like your family. Wonderful memories for the kids. Jake looks very good. Can't imagine wearing elastic at the waist this soon after surgery. Then again, perhaps I don't know the location of a kidney surgery incision.

  6. Jake can eat already? Wow! He's really looking great after coming through that operation.

    A Booby Party? I'm completely blown away! You should hire yourself out. This is too amazing! I'm just going to have to send a link for this post to my daughter. She just had a birthday party for my granddaughter. She might have to send for you next year. Wow!

  7. Oh see how blown away I am? I forgot to wish Isaac a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  8. what a glorious party-love the cake and footies.

  9. Aren't you all clever? I loved this. I agree, you must hire yourself out.

    Happy birthday to Isaac!


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