Friday, January 20, 2012

Powerless No More!

Just as we entered our rutted, icy street coming back from a movie, the street lights came on.  We started cheering, but still had to maneuver the tricky turn into the driveway, and then, sure enough, we have power!

We have heat, which is working hard to overcome the 51 the house temp had fallen to, and lights, and INTERNET!

Josy has been wandering all over the house, most likely wondering why the heck we hadn't turned on the lights and heat sooner!

For those who asked, the movie we saw was Incredibly Loud, Amazingly Close.  It was wonderful!  The plot involves a boy who is dealing with the loss of his father in one of the towers on 9/11.  It's a wonderful story, beautifully acted.  See it!

It's probably time to start winding down.  I'll be back tomorrow with the first of the photos.


  1. Glad that you have power and are starting to warm up.
    I wish that we were getting some of your moisture, we sure need it. over 56 days without it here in Nevada where I live.
    Will wait to see your wonderful pictures.

  2. Glad you have power now. No fun freezing to death.

  3. I'm going to see "The Artist" today. I read the book for "Incredibly Loud" and wondered if the movie is good or not. Thanks for the recommendation! :-)

  4. I have been following your adventures (ordeal)..I too have had to hang our at a Panera when our power is out..longest was a week. Not good especially what you lose in the freezer..glad things are getting back to normal....

  5. Thank goodness! I hope the plants in your house survived the cold.


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