Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Walk: Des Moines Creek

Since the weather was so beautiful, Tom and I headed out for a destination walk late this morning. We went over to the Des Moines 
Marina, And eventually to the Des Moines creek Trail.

The sound was beautifully blue, calm, dotted with birds, and with back dropped by the Olympic Mountains.

There were surf scoters
Golden Eyes
whatever this is,
this little grebe,

and ducks all in a row.  Some people prefer their ducks in a row. ;-)
The fishing pier was closed for repair
so we headed over to Des Moines Creek Park, and the entrance to the trail.


The catkins on the wild hazelnuts were already swelling and elongating.
Under pass art.
It's about a four mile walk up and back to the sound.

Good exercise, fresh air, sunshine, an almost spring-like day.  Perfect!


  1. It is beautiful when it's not raining! You are lucky to have such a scenic walking route.

  2. David and I should do something similar. Trouble is, he prefers to watch sports on television, and I hate to venture out alone. I guess once the Super Bowl is over with, we can spend some quality time together. Love your photos, Linda.

  3. Your views along the road are just as enjoyable as the ones of the water. Loved the ducks in a row photo!

  4. Our Thursday hike will be over in the Deception Pass area, and the day is supposed to be nice, so hopefully I'll get to experiment with a few more settings on my new camera. Love your picture, Linda. Along with all the others, but that one is my favorite. Glad to see YOU every now and then.

  5. what a lovely place to walk in any season...thanks for taking us along...

  6. Great walk. Even in the winter, there is so much to enjoy.

  7. Great walk. Even in the winter, there is so much to enjoy.

  8. I really liked your reply at gighawaii's, so I thought I'd come over and read your blog.

    What a wonderful lot of pictures; thanks for taking me on your walk.

  9. Great bird pictures! You have introduced me to some really great walks that I intend to take when we get home!

  10. Good for you! I need to get more exercise! We don't have the beautiful area you do though.

  11. I would love walking there, your view of the mountains is beautiful. Lovely nature photos, thanks for sharing.

  12. A beautiful place for a walk. enjoyed going through your photos!:)

  13. You took us on quite a trip. Blue water, nature in the woods, a creek, mountains in the distance.

  14. Thank you for taking us on this lovely walk!


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