Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Winter Birds

During our recent winter snow and ice storms, I had plenty of time to watch the birds outside the family room window.  They perched on the maple tree awaiting their turn at the feeders, or they worked the ground under the feeders.  It was a great opportunity for photographs.

                                                          Fox sparrow

                                           Oregon Dark-eyed Junco

                                                 Red-breasted Nuthatch


                                                           Varied Thrush

                                                     House Finch

                                                          Townsends Warbler

                                                        Pine Siskin

                  Bushtits are so tiny they have to crawl into the feeder hole.
                                        But, oh, so cute!

                                            Black-capped Chickadee

                       Chestnut-backed Chickadee



  1. It is fun to watch birds. You have quite a nice variety.

  2. Love your birds. I'd never heard of a bushtit until we came to Oregon. I'm totally fascinated by their nests.

  3. What great bird pictures! I only see the bushtits on my suet feeder. I never knew they had to climb in to get the feed like that. Awesome pictures, Linda. Thank you so much for taking them, and sharing. :-)

  4. Those birds are something else! Wish we had them in Hawaii. Nowadays, all I see are boring mynah birds.

  5. fun to learn of the different kinds of birds...and their names...

  6. Love these photos. We recently identified the first towhee at our feeder!

  7. What wonderful birds. I have never seen many of them. There are a lot of cardinals here this winter. We have yet to get an inch of snow in my part of Missouri.

  8. Great pictures. I haven't seen that variety of birds here this winter. We did have an eagle hunting along the river in our backyard on Monday.

  9. Great pictures of birds in natural surroundings but I love the ones of the bushtits in the the feeder! They leave the tube feeder alone here and go for the suet.

  10. I am in complete awe! These photos are so crystal clear! Most of my bird photos are blurred or... well... gone. I feel like I can almost see bird expressions. Wow!

  11. What a great collection of birds (and one cat - I laughed out loud). The thrush is gorgeous!

  12. Lovely selection of birds. Nice pictures, too. It looks so cold out so I'm sure they appreciate you putting some food down for them.

  13. That one photo with the bush tit and the snow on the nose should be on a mug..amazing variety and I am sure they were grateful to have that good especially during your recent bad weather Linda...


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