Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

But here in the Pacific Northwest, everything else does.

When I posted this photo of the patio, Gigi asked if that was moss growing on the pavers.
Yep.  Well, in this case it might be algae, but green stuff none-the-less.
 Moss is everywhere here in our wet winters.  Moss on the gravel.
                            Moss on the trees.

                                Moss on the homes of the birds and the bees.
                                Moss in the lawn.
                                                      Moss on the path.

                         Moss is a carpet in the secret garden.
                                Moss high and low.

                       Moss adorning the lantern chapeau.
                                                            Moss on rocks
                                                    and on the front steps.
                             Even moss in the driveway.

In fact, around here you need to keep moving, like a rolling stone, so the moss doesn't grow between your toes.

                                Better watch out, Josy.


  1. Oh thank you Linda. I drooled over your pictures of moss. Coming from Texas I'd never been exposed to moss and it's one of the things I enjoy most about living in the Pacific Northwest. I never tire of looking at it, the more the better. I'd also never heard of lichen and I love that too. Beautiful, just beautiful.

  2. Love this post!
    So true!

  3. When I first moved here from Boulder, I fell in love with the ubiquitous moss. Everybody thought I was crazy when I'd stop and stare and smile at it. Now it seems normal! :-)

  4. Love this! I never saw so much moss before I moved to the Pacific Northwest!

  5. hmmm. Odd. I try to remove or prevent moss and mildew by turning off sprinklers when I think plants and rocks are getting too much water. You make having moss so romantic. hahaha.

  6. England has as much moss or more than the Pacific Northwest. I am from Nevada and we hardly every get rain. When we went to England for a year and half, I couldn't get over the moss and green hue of the fences, rock fences, and trees. Moss everywhere. I did love that I didn't have to use lotion to keep my skin moist!!

  7. moss on the roofs was a big thing for me to see on my first trip to the northwest...

  8. I loved the end of the story. You brought a smile to my face.

    No moss here, we've just got lots of tumbleweeds.

  9. I love seeing moss in gardens. The green velvet is so beautiful. I like admiring all of your moss. You make them look so pretty.

    However....... you're also making me remember this movie I saw as a kid where some people got stranded on an island or something and started to turn into moss people. I wish I could remember the title of the movie. What a weird thing for me to remember.

  10. Wow....and I thought we had a lot of moss! Very pretty!

  11. Wow! I never even thought of that...very beautiful photos...

  12. I wonder if any of that is lichen and not moss..but it looks very green and nothing here is green...


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