Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day One of the New Year

 What a great way to start the new year, with a beautiful, sunny day!

Jozy was not interested in leaving her perch to go play outside, but I was!

We drove over to Renton to the Cedar River Park to walk the Cedar River Trail.
 The river was running full.
 We have walked up river several times, but today we were headed down river to it's mouth.

 If they let any more water over the dam, we're going to need boots!
Crab apples still hanging on added wonderful color to the winterscape.
 The Mallards we encountered were all in pairs today.
The trail follows the river, but on the other side is the Boeing Renton Plant, where they're turning out 737's as fast as they can.
 The airplanes have their own bridge to cross over to the Renton Airport, where the new planes will take their first flights.

 Winter blooms.
 Water fowl.  This is noted to be a good birding area, and I had my camera along.
 It's time to change to the telephoto lens.  Ah, an old coot.
 OK, I don't know what this is, and I can't find it in my bird book.  Anyone know?
 We also saw lots of dog walkers.
 The river's mouth, where it empties into Lake Washington.
 That is definitely a Hooded Merganser, and also an example of why we shouldn't release balloons. 
 A Bufflehead.
 Somebody's very noisy toy, throwing up a big rooster tail.
 Golden Eyes.
 Across the mouth of the river you can see birds of a different feather.
 Here's one landing now!
 Mallards are so common we forget how beautiful they are.

 There were various gulls, but I have not learned to determine the different kinds.

 I think these just might be Ruddy Ducks, with blue bills.  (Correction: Greater or Lesser Scaups) Even with my big lens, many birds were too far away for good photos.  I'm looking them in my book up as I go, because I have to study my photos to see what I saw. 
 The lake, the city, and the Olympic Mountains, and a kayaker enjoying it all. 
 A cormorant.
 A Grebe?
 A mixed breed/Mallard
 And I believe this beauty is a Teal. (Correction: a Gadwall)

 Tom took advantage of the benches along the way as I dawdled along taking photos.

 As we headed back we enjoyed the sunshine on our faces.
 I loved this sculpture found along the river.
It's titled "We Are All in This Boat Together".
So true.  Words to remember as we enter this year full of partisan politics.  We've got to keep this boat afloat.


  1. is your Ruddy Duck perhaps a blue bill Mrs. and Mr. Greater Scaup, and is your teal a Mr. Gadwall?

    We saw lots of fun ducks today too at the cove. Besides feeding Mallards and Gulls, Isaac liked the blue billed Pintail. There were I believe American wigeons, Golden Eyes, and something like a Harlequin Duck with a very defined white stripe over the top of his head down to his bill.

    Guess we better pack the bird books next time.


  2. interesting day! I need to get out more.

  3. Jill, I think you're right on your duck id's. Thanks.

  4. Nice walk! I enjoyed the day, too. It was a beautiful day here to the north of you as well. Where is all the rain we are supposed to be having? It can stay away as long as it wants! Almost.

    Love all the duck pictures, and the kayaker and Olympics is especially well done. Thanks! :-)

  5. Great water fowl pictures! Looks like a great walk!

  6. The long-shot(4th photo) of Cedar River is beautiful, Linda...such a serene view to enjoy!

  7. what a lovely walk, we took a walk yesterday along the Virgin river and saw lots of Canadian geese. It was almost 60 degrees and sunny-my kind of winter.

  8. Your blog header picture is awsome. I loved the tour of water birds. They're still new to me even after seven years and I get excited seeing each and everyone of them. The art piece at the end if wonderful and the message even more wonderful.

  9. How all the duck photos! They are some of my favorite things to photograph!!! Can you belive that while you are basking in the sun there, we are in the middle of a blizzard today here??? Happy New Year to you!

  10. I think you found a greater variety than I did. We're going to see if we can get a glimpse of that falcated duck all of the Northern California birders are talking about.
    I like that sign, "aircraft crossing".

  11. The blog looks great and I love that interesting looking mallard...wonder who the other parent was?


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