Monday, January 2, 2012

What's Blooming, January 1, 2012

Years ago we read about a gardener in England who went out into his garden every New Years Day to see what he could find in bloom.  We began that tradition here in our own garden.

Last year there was nothing in bloom, as we had suffered a deep, lasting freeze, ice and snow in mid November.  But this year we have so far had only mild frosts, and so, once again, I found some blooms on New Years Day; bedraggled, some of them, but blooms none-the-less.

                                                Bacopa from the porch planter.
                                                              Kafir lily
                                                             Fox glove
                                                              The Fairy rose
                                                            Fuzzy magnolia bud
                                                            Winter jasmine

                                                                          Daisy fleabane
                                        This abutilon bloom is actually in the greenhouse

                                                                  Basket of gold


  1. Wow! That is quite an assortment of flowers on Jan 1st. Lots of colors, too. Love it.

  2. I too am very impressed with how many blooms you have going on right now. A few tired roses and some geraniums are all I see these days up here. :-)flanc

  3. it's amazing what all you have in bloom!

  4. how lovely to have all that blooming in January
    so pretty

  5. Flowers galore. How pretty!

  6. That is an amazing variety of flowers for this time of year. I still have quite a few roses and some Alstroemeria.

  7. Wowza! What a treat to have such a number and variety of blooms at the start of a new year.

  8. What a welcome sight and a great tradition. Thanks for sharing these Linda, flowers always make me smile.

  9. wow..I love the winter jasmine.. looks so feathery..

  10. WOW! What a lovely collection of blooms. I have to say your photos made my day, bright colors on a very cold January day! Happy New Year!

  11. Wow, Linda, you found LOTS of blooms!! Happy New Year to you. ~karen

  12. Hi Linda,

    what a beautiful flowers and when I look at it as I wish it was spring again here in Holland. Unfortunately we have to wait just because winter has just started.

    Greetings, Helma

  13. That's a good assortment of flowers though their time has pretty well passed Linda.- Dave


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