Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Very Special Birthday!

It's getting late.  Tom and I are tired.  There is still a little bit of putting away and cleaning up to do, but not much.  I finally had time to sit down and see what photos were taken.  Grandson Isaac was appointed photographer and he started out pretty diligently, but when his cousins arrived other things were were compelling. 

It doesn't matter what got captured in photographs.  I captured all of it in my heart.  It was a wonderful birthday!

Tom and I were up early.  Tom set up tables while I arranged flowers.  I used flowers from our garden and old, antique table linens from my grandmother for the umbrella tables.

Jill and the kids arrived about 10:30.  Jill helped in the kitchen and Isaac and Irene set up their flower shop.

 Jill made a trip to the store for ice and beverages.
 We made steady progress through the long list of setting up.
 And then just before 1:00, after the fog cleared and the sun came out, we were ready for our guests.
 Aunt Jan was the first to arrive.
 There were teacher friends from several schools staffs
and garden club friends
 And breakfast group friends

 And friends that I used to work with that now work with Jill.

 Friends from way back
 And cousins from even farther way back!
 And more school friends. One of the reasons I decided to have my party on a week day, on my real birthday, is because most of my friends and family are either retired or teachers, of both, and the weekends are too busy anyway.
 Irene made a new friend of Erin, daughter of one of my young teacher friends, and my youngest guest.

I will have to go back to the guest list to be sure, but I would say there were about 25 friends here for the garden party.  Then about 3:30 family started arriving, and that meant kids and that is when Isaac went AWOL as a photographer.  I did capture a few photos that my sister posted on Facebook.

 With just family left there was lots of visiting and eating and kids running and happy times.
 Double trouble!

Jill and Tom were wonderful in running the kitchen throughout the whole event, and other family members pitched in to help, too, so I was truly free to just enjoy the company.

And then it was time for cake and "Happy Birthday to ME".
Yes, I baked my own favorite chocolate zucchini cake.  

As the family began to drift away, all of them living quite some distance away, a few lingered to help with the take down.  Jill and the kids were the last to leave, and there was one last official act.
 Irene had to release "Bob".
 The kids found this caterpillar much earlier in the day.  He was an attraction at Irene's Flower Shop.  I understand she charged a penny to see Bob.  
 I think Bob is much happier now.  I know I am happy.  It was a wonderful birthday!   A day full of warm and fuzzy memories. 


  1. Everybody should have a Bob kind of birthday one in a while--warm and fuzzy. Captured in your heart--that is wonderful.

  2. That is the way to welcome 70. With great food, love of family and good friends.

  3. What a great birthday party! Wonderful food, flowers, friends and family -- and fun! The Big 5. Can't get better than that.
    Happy Birthday, Linda.
    Aloha from Hawaii.

  4. Wonderful birthday party, Linda. I love the pictures, and it's rare that I get to see so many of you. Your special day was indeed very, very special. Happy birthday! :-)

  5. Absolutely stunning, and I'm sure that you had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing your special day.

  6. What a spectacular venue!!! The setup was amazing and you look fabulous and happy! This should be in Sunset Magazine!!! Happy Happy Happy birthday to you Mrs Reeder! And tons more spectacular family filled friend laden years to come!

  7. Happy birthday Linda! You had a great day. Doesn't retirement go by quickly when you're having fun?

  8. sounds just perfect, full of flower, sunshine, friends and family plus good eats!

  9. Wow, what a great birthday party, happy birthday to you!

  10. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Linda!! And what a wonderful day it looks to have been!! My number 81 comes up in a couple of weeks!! How did I get so old, so fast??? Or so it seems!!! Have a great weekend!

  11. Your tables are gorgeous! The way you matched the flowers with the cloths is great! Wishing you a belated happy birthday; it looks like you had a joyous time!

  12. What a wonderful party! Happy Birthday! Your table linens and centerpieces were lovely:)

  13. Happy Birthday!!You are really something! What a special person you are! Everything was just beautiful...the tables, the flowers, the children, Bob. Your daughter is such a beautiful girl. Oh and that cake! I would just about drive to Seattle for a slice. :)

  14. What a wonderful party you had. You are a beautiful 29! I hope you have many more. You have a lovely helpful family. MB

  15. What a marvelous party you had. I loved seeing all the photos. 70 looks really good on you. I'm right behind you in about six months. It would be hard to have a garden party in February, but what fun that would be.

    Happy birthday!


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