Greetings from Seattle

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

More Camera Fun

I needed to see how my new camera does with wide open spaces and sky shots so after another very warm day I decided we should drive over to the Des Moines marina to watch the sun go down.

As we stepped out of the car, we stopped and reached back to grab another layer.  Over by the water our natural air conditioner was working very well, and the chilly breeze felt wonderful.

We walked out on the fishing pier, joining lots of other folks who had the same great idea. Looking back over the marina, Mt. Rainier was alight in alpenglow.

 Airplanes were lining up to land at Sea-Tac.

What was everyone looking at?  Oh, we have a visitor. The fishermen had competition!

 It was all too lovely to leave so we walked over to the park.
 Picnickers were still enjoying the day/evening.

 The lights came on out on the pier, attracting more walkers, as we said goodbye to the day and headed home.
And I'd say my new little camera is passing the test quite well so far.


  1. Oh, sounds like it was lovely and cool there. I am really getting sick of this heat.

  2. what a lovely time of day-like your photos!

  3. Lovely lovely shots. Haven't we had a beautiful sky of late.
    Fun to play with a new toy, yes? MB

  4. Your new camera is doing a super job!

  5. It was a successful mission, indeed. You got some great shots!

  6. i would say that you picked a good camera. Your area has a bit of everything--ocean, mountains, lush vegetation.
    I love the blue vessels in your header picture.

  7. Gorgeous pictures! I am pretty sure I'll get one when I finally bite the bullet and spend the money. Right now I'm still trying to pay off my credit cards from my April vacation. Two more months and they'll be completely clear. :-)

  8. Looks like you have found a great camera but it helps to have great subjects.
    Got a kick out of the face in the water. What a cutie.

  9. I'd say your camera is doing a fabulous job. What kind of camera is it?

  10. Great end-of-day shots! I like your little friend.

  11. The colors are so pretty. That sunset!I would love to see a little Seal like that. That is a Seal?


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