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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Days

 Now that the glare and heat of the direct sun is off the patio, it's time to move back outside.Tom is reading his book on his Samsung tablet.  I decided it was time to check in with a post, so I grabbed my Nikon and took a few photos for you. 

After a busy weekend - we made a trip up to the Whidbey cabin on Sunday to help clean and spruce the place up. We rent it out one week a summer to help with expenses, and we needed to get it in spic-and-span condition - I am now falling into a routine here at home.  

We are not early risers, so getting going in the morning means getting up about 7:30.  I catch up on email and Facebook and glance at the newspaper, then do my 45 minutes of physical therapy exercises.  Then I'm ready for the morning's work.  With the temps into the 80's, I do my gardening in the mornings.  In the afternoon I run errands, shop, and today I got a haircut.  I made it back home in time to watch the second half of the Germany/Brazil World Cup match, but alas, there was very little excitement with the score already 5-0 in favor of Germany at the half.  I sort of watched as I used my lap top to watch videos of the goals from the first half.  

In the afternoons I bake.  I am stockpiling goodies in the freezer for my birthday party next week.  So far I have made Russian tea cakes, lemon bars, and zucchini bread.  Yesterday morning we picked the raspberries and I made freezer jam in the afternoon for the scones I plan to serve. 

I'm also making time to sit and read for a while.  I've got to slow down these lovely days some how.  They will pass all too quickly.

Summer flowers are blooming now - phlox and daisies here.
 I have been snipping and grooming all of the beds, cleaning out all of the spring bloomers that have gone to seed.

 The crocosmia Lucifer has come into bloom in the last two days.  I'm sure the hummingbirds will find it.
 The first sweet peas finally bloomed today, along with the first zinnias.
 Our vegetable raised beds are as much flowers for cutting as food to eat any more.  Marigolds are in bloom.
 The first sunflowers are nodding up there above the dahlias.

 The raspberry patch is still producing.  I noticed the first of the fruit fly worms yesterday when I picked them.  Hopefully we can get a few more pickings before we lose the crop to the buggers.
 Green salad is on the menu every evening!
 It's the season for hydrangeas and clematis.  I love the colors!

 We have a sprinkler going to augment the system in the hot spots.  I caught the last rays of the sun through the spray just before the sun hid itself behind the neighboring fir trees. 
The forecast is for many more warm, maybe even hot, summer days. I may have to pace myself!  


  1. It's almost too hot for me, but actually a pleasant change from our usual fare. Thanks for taking the pictures and sharing them with me. It sure is beautiful there! And I know what you mean about wanting to savor these days... that's just what I'm doing! :-)

  2. I'm in Waikiki right now having a little hectic staycation. We've never done this but our son-in-law is treating us to a couple of nights at a Marriots here.

    I had to stop in to see what you're up to. Wow! Your garden is incredible! Everything looks to be at their peak. I love homegrown lettuce.

  3. I am interested to find that your plants all bloom at once. My zinnias bloom weeks after my clematis. Our lettuce season is over and we pick the last of the raspberries this week, but the phlox is in full bloom.

  4. We are having welcome monsoons that bring needed rain and some cooling. Sure would like more flowers in my back yard. Maybe this fall I'll plant more...

  5. Yes, slow down and smell he flowers. However, some people can get it all done and enjoy it all.

  6. Great photos!

  7. I'm kind of backwards. When the weather is nice, I do little but enjoy. When it is nasty is when I work for I feel I'm not missing anything.
    Your garden both visual and edible is just beautiful.

  8. You make me ashamed. You get so much done everyday. I love the hydrangea blue and clematis purple...those colors are beautiful together!

  9. Summers are definitely meant for enjoying life.

  10. I wish that these wonderful summer days could go on forever.

  11. Beautiful flowers and gardens! I enjoyed your photos:)

  12. Oh my, your flowers are so beautiful. Love summer! We're enjoying sunshine and much cooler than Seattle temperatures this week up here in Alaska.

  13. WOW. That is one spectacular stage you have there for life! I bet your birthday will be wonderful!

  14. My first visit to your site, and your flowers are absolutely beautiful. Good job with the pictures. I'll come back to visit again.

  15. I came over from Far Side of fifty, to see your gardens and glass flowers. You are one busy lady and you have a lovely blog.


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