Thursday, July 31, 2014


Another big job is done!   The hedges and pillars are all pruned for another summer. I posted about hedge pruning here two years ago.

This year we were a little later, because I wanted to wait until after my birthday party.  Then there was one thing and another to get in the way, and the summer days continue to be warmer than I like, so finally there was no point in waiting for a cool day. 

Tom does most of the hard work, and can manage much of it without my help.
 But there are places in the yard where a ladder holder in necessary, like the fir hedge we did this morning.  Then I outfit myself to have debris and bugs drop on my head while I steady the ladder.
So much fun.  Not! 
 The holly hedge runs all along the side property line.
 Tom's topiary is newly shaped.
And the holly pillars are trimmed.

 And now Tom deserves to have the rest of the day off. I think he'll soon move into the patio rocking chair which is in deeper shade. It's up to 82° and rising.


  1. Goodness that is some serious pruning you have to do.
    Love your protective gear. Smart.

  2. amazing the thickness of your foliage!

  3. You must have all your gardening work penciled in on the calendar. the work gets done and it looks very nice.

  4. Love the selfie with the rain hat on to keep the bugs and debris off. I am so sick of this hot weather, but at least it cools down at night. I chop veggies and do as much cooking as I can in the morning when it's cool, in preparation for our supper. Today I had popsicles for lunch.

  5. Tom deserves a rest, indeed. Your life together is so much about shared passions. It is all beautiful.

  6. I suspect these are all (including the selfie) taken with your new camera? I am going to have one of those myself, I just know I am. Your hedges sure do look good, and I hear you about how hard it is to be outside when it's so hot. Thought I would melt yesterday in the High Country. :-)

  7. What a job! He does deserve the afternoon off. But, I hate the job of holding the ladder, just hate it and I get that job quite often.

  8. Linda, we don't see that lush foliage very much in Texas! I do remember in Illinois having to trim all the hedges, etc. Your property is very beautiful, and hubby deserves a rest. Bet he was loving you taking that picture!

  9. Well, gardening is your hobby, after all.

  10. Linda, your place always looks so nice, and your news is always interesting to read. I catch up now and again, and think of you often.


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