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Friday, July 25, 2014

Olympia Farmers Market

Wow.  Where has this week gone?  aAweek ago tomorrow, along with touring two gardens in the Olympia area, eight of us "Joyful Gardeners" club members took in the Olympia Farmers Market.

 We were hungry, so the first thing we did was find food. Our car load sort of stuck together and all ended up at the same food vendor.  Everyone else had sausages, but it felt like a Fair atmosphere to me so I had fair food - a corn dog and ice cream!

 There's a little bit of a lot of things here at this permanent market, that operates much of the year on Saturdays.
 Produce and pottery, photos and plants, pastry and paintings,  and hand crafts and artisan wares - lots of temptations.

 These blackberry pastries were very tempting.

 We had parked a few blocks away, since there were a lot of people in town.  It was the day of the Capitol Lake Fair parade, to be held later in the afternoon.  Fortunately most of the crowds were uptown and not at the market.  

We took the scenic route to walk back to the car, along the waterfront of Capitol Lake.

 Along the way we saw the bride's maids playing in the park.....
 ...while the bride and groom were posing.

 It looked like they were all having a good day.  We did too!


  1. Wonderful market and it's not even crowed. Our market is a mess and it's crowded so I don't go.

  2. It does look like you all had a wonderful day. I like going to Farmer's Market. Good times. MB

  3. Now THAT's a Farmer's Marker!!

  4. how fun, thanks for the photos!

  5. Wow. Our VT farmers' markets are tiny, but still a treat.
    This week did fly by! I was thinking the same thing earlier this morning.

  6. You've inspired me to take some summer pictures of the market here today. That would be after my walk with the Fairhaven walking group, that is. Nice pictures, nice market! :-)

  7. Heading for a farmers market and artist walk in Missoula, MT today with friends. It will be interesting to see how different everything looks from Texas markets. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing. Those blue bridesmaid dresses!

  8. I found those wood tools very interesting...what a lovely market:)


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