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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Playing With My New Camera

My old Canon Powershot S110 was a great little camera, with a 10X zoom, good for when I did not want to carry my big Nikon and separate zoom lens.  But the battery mechanism was wearing out, so that it kept indicating low battery and I couldn't get the rechargable AA batteries to hold a charge.  

It was time to replace it, hopefully with something with the same capabilities but even smaller.  We are going on a cruise in the Eastern Mediterranean and Italy in the fall and I don't want to take my big heavy camera.

This is what I bought.
 It's a bigger camera in a smaller body, a Canon SX700 HS with a 30X zoom.

I ordered it from Amazon, using my Amazon credit card points to apply $120 toward the price. It arrived a few days ago and I have been playing with it as I have time.

My first photo, using the zoom while sitting in my recliner, of a bouquet of flowers across the room.
 A clematis climbing up over a trellis.
 A Western Swallowtail on a butterfly bush, zoomed and then cropped.
 Same with the bumble bee.
 Zoomed in on very tall sunflowers in my garden.

There are some interesting features, some of which I haven't figured out yet.  But this feature creates multiple photos of one image, with various effects.

 The camera decides which effects to use, and I don't know if they can be set manually or not.  I'll have to go online for more information   But I do like some of the results.

I'll have to go somewhere and see how it handles landscapes and sky shots.  So far I'm satisfied.

Oh, and we just picked up the new printer/copier/scanner/fax too.  Our old Epson multifunction machine slowly lost it's functions so it went to the electronic recycler today.

Tom has been very busy upstairs setting it up, while I have parked myself in my recliner with my camera cards and laptop to ride out the heat of the day.

Tom just brought the packing materials downstairs and declares that it is working.  I'll have to check that out next.

Have new toys is fun.


  1. I see you are lovin' it. I really like a Canon. I have a small canon and a larger one and it went kaflooey so Canon couldn't fix it so the company where I bought it gave me a comparable Nikon. I miss my Canon. MB

  2. Looks like you are going to have a ball with that camera! Have fun.

  3. OMG, Linda! What a great new toy. The pictures are fabulous. I am a snapshot knd of photographer, but Mike would have been over the moon with such a camera.

  4. A fun new toy! Going on a cruise of the Eastern Mediterranean and Italy in the fall? That's certainly one way to beat the melancholy that September brings!

  5. Now you've done it! I just went over to Amazon and looked up the camera, it's not all that expensive. I'll read the reviews and you probably have convinced me that I need one too. :-)

  6. retirement toys...I have a canon similar to yours with 20x zoom and love it. Haven't tried any special effects. Too much to learn about. It sure beats the larger heavier cameras. This one you can carry in your purse.

  7. I bet you will like the small size of that camera, it looks like it takes great photos too! I have a small Canon with 16X Zoom and I like the way it fits in my parka pocket:)

  8. You can really have fun! I hope you enjoy the new camera.

  9. Having new toys is definitely a lot of fun! Looks like a great new camera. I am so jealous of you and your upcoming cruise. Can I stowaway in your luggage?

  10. I love technology toys that are new as long as they don't have lots of hiccups while adjusting to their new place!

  11. That camera seems too complicated for me, but good for you!

  12. What a fun new toy and a great one for a trip. Love those effects you can get while still in the camera. Usually those are only gotten from some type of Photoshop. Have fun.

  13. This looks great. I've really enjoyed my powershots and was wondering what I should get next. Thanks a bunch.

  14. I see that you are enjoying it and getting good results!


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